Bonuses in Downloadable and Non-Downloadable Casinos
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There are many ways to how casinos attract new customers and make them stay. One such practice is granting different kinds of bonuses.

Those may differ in online casino instantpay options and ones, which require a download – just to stimulate players to download more. What is the difference between the downloadable and non-downloadable casinos?

1. Well, the obvious first point is the way you play: visiting a website or opening an app on your PC/laptop/mobile phone/tablet. It makes difference for those people with peculiarities of vision: for them, it is better to play on large screens, which PCs/laptops provide. For the younger audience, who love mobility in everything, mobile phone or tablet would be optimal suiting.

2. When playing online in your browser, you’re distracted with top and bottom lines of information and the task panel, which steal from you some screen volume. Not every game in every casino can be unwrapped to an entire screen when in online casino no deposit bonus no download instant play. While playing in the app installed on your hard disk, an option of unwrapping to the full screen, as a rule, is present.

3. When you play online, you experience large lagging because not only resources of your device are being spent but also your Internet connection’s speed is used. Sometimes, when you’re loading some new game in the browser, it may take 5 or more minutes to be loaded properly and start function. As players mainly hate such lag and long loads, righteously finding them irritating, they’d love to migrate to a download casino option because the loading time will be much lesser. Also, this actually saves not only your Internet connection (as the installed software needs less Internet speed than any gambling in the window of a browser) but it also saves traffic on the server of the casino, which allows reducing lags or to evade them at all. Everyone wins from lesser traffic being spent.

4. Downloaded software improves your online safety: nobody will be able anymore to intercept your login or password you are typing in the browser window. When played from the app, where login and password, as well as payment data are still entered, you have significantly better protection – on the level of program and device, that is, hardware and software security working together.


Bonuses in downloadable vs. non-downloadable casinos

Now you know that there are tangible advantages of downloading the casino to play it. But do bonuses of the casino, including the sign up bonus casino, actually differ from the method of playing? Yes!

There are casinos online out there, including the Fastpay casino, which give you specific bonuses if you install their app on a smartphone or program on the PC/laptop. Fastpay casino operates in the Curacao and it offers fabulous 200-euro bonus for the installation.
How to claim yours:

  • Register in an online casino, which follows this policy, from your device – through the casino’s website.
  • Find the link to downloadable app (many casinos don’t have their apps added to App Store or PlayMarket simply because of the general policy of App Store and PlayMarket to avoid online gambling or lower its level). If you do not see the link to official – abovementioned – distributors, then you have to allow this installation to run on your device. On the PC/laptop, you might need to obtain the administrator’s rights to install.
  • Once the app is installed, log in, using your password and login, and claim the bonus for the installation from the proper section of the app.
  • Enjoy the bonus and more appealing and fast game.

As for the rest of bonuses, they do not tend to differ between an online option of play and app – simply because it would be silly to lead different policies for both channels. If that is the case, though, it means that this given casino promotes the specific channel of gambling using the financial motivation of players.

For instance, there is an example of such a different-channel policy: a UK-based Party Casino provides 200 pounds as an extra welcome deposit bonus to those players who deposit using the app.