How to withdraw money from an online casino

money from an online casinoAlmost every punter, before or after registration, on the casino website, is looking for information on how to subsequently withdraw the money he won and what needs to be done for this. The article provides a brief overview of the methods and procedure for receiving winnings from online casinos.

Account verification.

When registering at a real money casinos (more about them here –, visitors are invited to fill out a special questionnaire, where they need to enter the client’s personal data. They must be reliable, otherwise there may be problems with the withdrawal of money. To avoid such problems, the client must send a copy of one or more documents to verify and confirm his identity. This could be:

  1. A copy of your personal passport (which pages are needed is indicated in the verification instructions).
  2. Photo of the driver’s license.
  3. Photo of a bank card.

Most often, the casino offers verification when withdrawing large funds (usually exceeding $ 1000). The time for checking the submitted documents by casino employees is from 15-20 minutes. up to 24 hours. More information and answers to the most popular questions of gamblers can be found here –

Funds that are not withdrawn.

Almost all the client’s honestly won money in the casino, which he was able to earn by betting on his real money, can be withdrawn to a card, electronic wallet or other payment system.

Virtual funds cannot be withdrawn for no deposit bonuses, free spins and received as a result of promotions. Also, virtually won money is not displayed when testing machines in demo mode.

Withdrawing money.

The main condition for playing for real money is the financial stability of the gambling establishment, convenience and speed of deposit/withdrawal of funds. This allows punters to safely replenish their deposits and quickly withdraw the money they have won from the casino. Almost all reliable casinos support many payment systems through which you can freely withdraw and cash out money. These tools include:

  1. Bank account or card.
  2. Internet banking.
  3. Electronic wallets.
  4. Cryptocurrencies.
  5. Mobile operators.

In addition, each online casino sets its own limits on the withdrawal of funds from punters’ accounts. Usually the minimum withdrawal is $ 10-20 or a similar amount in euros.

How to withdraw.

In fact, you can withdraw money from any honest licensed online casino or replenish your gaming account through various modern payment systems that support high speed and security of transactions. The standard procedure for withdrawing funds consists of only four stages, which do not take much time:

  1. Apply for withdrawal in your account on the casino website.
  2. Go to the “Cashier” section and select the required payment system.
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount in the highlighted box.
  4. Click on the”Pay” item.

After that, the online casino financial service checks the application, which can last from 15-30 minutes on average to a full 24 hours. If during the verification of any violations on the part of the punter it is not revealed, the application is satisfied and the corresponding amount is transferred to the payment system declared by the client.