Online Lotteries for Real Money and for Free

Online lottery

How often do you play the free online lottery for real money? Did you know that because of so many people playing lotteries, chances to win big increase? Even though everything is based on pure luck (as it is impossible to predict, which numbers are going to show each time), there are big chances to win big. Here are the biggest lotteries in the modern world:

EuroMillions Euro lottery online. It is held on the territory of 8 countries of the Eurozone and the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2004. Here, it takes you to guess 7 correct numbers (5 main and 2 lucky ones).
Mega Millions online state lottery was launched in 1996. The rules are as follows: pick five white balls from the field of 50… 70 balls and pick 1 gold one (Mega Ball) from the field of 25… 52 balls. Today, the current chances of victory in this lottery are 1:302,575,350.

Powerball national lottery online. It was launched in 1992 and it acts on the US territory (with most states selling tickets to it, except Nevada, Alabama, Hawaii, Utah, and Alaska). Today, the chances to win here are 1:292,201,338. The winner has to correctly pick 5 balls from 69 and 1 red ball from 26.

The best online lottery sites

Let’s now consider the best online lottery websites to lotto play now:
22lottery  – All people of the world can participate in this one of genuine online lottery sites, and they do so from September 2008 to December 2032. No purchase or registration cost is necessary to win – only guessing the numbers correctly. The possible winning is $500 daily and 22 million dollars at the end of the event (in 2032) paid to 1 winner. Also, on this site, you may receive other cash prizes – so explore this website to win.

Free-lottery – is amongst the online lottery games for real money. Here, you also do not pay for any bet you do – simply guess 6 numbers out of 75 (with a probability of winning equal to 1:201,359,550) to receive one of the possible winnings: 500 UK pounds each day or 10,000 pounds each week.

Onlinelotteryshop – This site collects several real lottery games that you can play for money and the free option, too. It is an option to win without any money investments after you register on the website and pick a free ticket option. You’ll get yours for free soon afterward.

This website onlineunitedstatescasinos holds a number of offers for you to win big, with a list of lotteries and online casinos available in the US. There are ten most popular deposit methods and slightly less number of withdrawal of your winning, should you face any.

How to play lotto online for money and for free

lotto freeWhen it comes to playing lottery online for money, things are pretty simple – you pick the lottery site, register, pick a lottery type & numbers you think will be on the display on the draw, and pay for the ticket. Wait for the time of the draw and check if you win. There are dozen or over of payment methods available. The chances you win are one to several hundred million but in the event of winning, you can get hundreds of millions of dollars, even with the cheapest lotto ticket!

When it comes to the desire to play free lottery worldwide, things are different. Firstly, you don’t pay for your ticket – it is possible to win without paying anything because such websites are kept by advertising. The more people visit them, the more ad money is accumulated, and some part of it is given to winners. The chances to win here the same small as in the paid lotteries but as you don’t pay for anything, the upper amounts of winnings are small, too, limited to tens of thousands of dollars at max.

Advantages of playing an online lottery

If you play on money, this happens pretty much the same as you play in casino games of luck. Thus, you don’t have to wait for hours, days, weeks, or months to win – just pick the numbers, hit the picking option button to start it, and enjoy the outcome every couple of seconds. You can play all day long, having received thousands of outcomes during such a small period – which are impossible with offline lotteries.

The biggest jackpots of lottery in the world

the biggest jackpot euromillion lottery

Since the EuroMillions launch, there were 10 large winnings, of over 175 million Euros each (shared between 1… 20 people).

In Mega Millions, just about a year ago, in March 2019, the biggest ever victory of a cash prize in the history of all lotteries in the world occurred – a single ticket won 1,537 billion dollars, with a winner remained anonymous (in South Carolina).

In Powerball, the biggest winning was 1,586 million in 2016 (divided among three winners of an online lottery ticket). It also was one hilarious occasion in this lottery: in 2005, hundreds of people bought a fortune cookie with printed numbers on them: 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, 40 (and 5 out of 6 coincided with the result). Eventually, 110 people won 2nd-grade prizes from 100,000 to 500,000 dollars each (before withholdings), totaling $19.4 million of winnings. That is, you should listen to fortunetellers and be engaged in Playwin Keno online 😉