The Man Behind the WSOP’s Record Win

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The most famous poker competition is the WSOP, which stands for World Series Of Poker. This competition is also commonly referred to as the World Championship of Poker. It is noteworthy that anyone can take part in such a grand competition. In addition to the colossal cashing prize, after the victory, the champion will be offered exclusive contracts by the largest poker rooms, cooperation which brings even greater dividends.

Television Producer and Manager

WSOP Big PotEveryone who is interested in the WSOP records has heard of Jamie Gold as one of the most successful and famous players in the world.  During his life, he managed to try himself as a search agent for actors, a television producer, and the World Series of Poker winner with a prize cashed the biggest amount ever. It is the biggest WSOP cashes record that is the most discussed among the players. In 2006, Jamie became a respected player after winning the World Series of Poker. He currently serves as President of the entertainment company Buzznation and plays mainly in world tournaments. WSOP records amaze year by year. However, of all the champions’ records, Jamie Gold is undisputedly one of the most recognizable. 

A Man of Controversial Tactics at the WSOP

Jamie Gold is distinguished by a special strategy – his cold-blooded attitude to bets, as well as an aggressive style of playing cards. Gold’s style was heavily criticized, but it was recognized as effective after winning in 2006. At the 2007 WSOP, Gold received a warning about table talk. The point of this tactic was to put pressure on the players. Jamie Gold told the combination in his hands. Sometimes he spoke the truth, sometimes he bluffed. He knows how not only to keep a cool head, he behaves lively and actively at the gaming table, but at the same time calm and restrained.

The Poker Philanthropist

More than ten years later, the entire poker community remembers Jamie Gold’s record victory in this tournament. So far, no one has surpassed Jamie in prize cash for winning the WSOP Main Event. Today, the great champion is very busy in the business world and charity. “I have spent more than ten years in philanthropy and I can proudly say that halfway to achieving my goal – to raise and donate $ 1 billion”, he proudly says.

The 2019 WSOP has developed a lot since that time. Its level of popularity and dynamics compared to previous years has always been considered by the poker community as a general measure of the state of poker. By the way, 2019 WSOP records do impress by their scale:

  • A record number of tournaments;
  • For the first time, the WSOP hosted a 6+ Hold’em tournament;
  • The $ 565 Colossus was replaced with a $ 500 BIG 50 rakeless tournament and returned to the warranty, just like the first Colossus had in 2015.

Therefore, the WSOP has been improving and developing waiting for the new champions. Maybe, you can beat the WSOP records

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